Woman Spends Over $20,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like ‘Sexy Hybrid Of Miss Piggy, Jessica Rabbit And Beyonce’

A large inheritance can go a long way, so when Laura Boaten’s mother passed away and she received the reminder of her life savings, Laura did what any grieving child would do in that situation:

She got a boob job…and more.

Spending over $20,000 so far in the past three years, Laura has gotten Botox, lip fillers, cosmetic tattooing, teeth whitening and hair/nail extensions. At 28 years old with two kids, you’d think Laura would put the money away into a savings account for her children – and for all we know, maybe some of it is in one. However, Laura claims that her surgeries have “improved her life for the better” and that her deceased mother would be “glad” to see who her daughter has become today:

“Losing my mum really changed me. It made me realize that I should do
what makes me happy and for me, that’s plastic surgery.

“After I had my boob job, I felt like a real woman again. Cosmetic
surgery immediately became an addiction for me and I had to chase that
high again.

“I love when the needles goes in or when I’m put to sleep. It’s
amazing knowing that when I wake up, I will look closer to my human
cartoon fantasy.

“I want to look like a sexy hybrid of Miss Piggy, Jessica Rabbit and Beyonce.

“I know my mum would be pleased to see me now, even if she saw all the
racy photos I post on Instagram!”(via)

It wasn’t until after the birth of her second child that Laura began having plastic surgery. “After I gave birth to my second daughter I decided I wanted to lose the baby weight and I did it” she explains, “I was thrilled to have shed the weight, but I was so unhappy about how small my breasts had suddenly become…I knew that a breast augmentation would help me do that.”

Almost $10,000 later, Laura went from a 34C to a 34G:

“When I woke up after the surgery, I felt amazing. I knew my
mum would be happy to see me like this.

“Initially I had only planned on getting my boobs fixed but after it
was clear that I wanted to do more modifications to my body.

“Just after the operation my relationship ended and I focused on ways
to modify my body and become a glamour girl.

“I would look at cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit and Miss
Piggy. I love their sexy pin-up look and how fake they look.

“And I love Beyonce, she’s so glamorous. I wanted to become a hybrid
of all these different characters.

“Through surgery, I wanted to transform myself into a human cartoon.”(via)

Other procedures Laura regularly pays for include Botox injections on her forehead ($260 a pop), lip fillers ($216 each session) and monthly hair extensions ($870 a year). But whether or not this was money well spent…well, we’ll leave that up for you to decide:


[Via News Dog Media]