Woman Gets Revenge On Ex By Losing 100 Pounds And Now Posts Topless Pics Of Her New Revenge Body

Sian Ryan weighed 266 pounds when she was dumped by her boyfriend of 18 months in August of 2015. She was heartbroken, but instead of going into a Häagen-Dazs-fueled depression, she funneled that anger into changing herself for the better. She joined a 24-hour gym and worked out late at night when she couldn’t sleep. She stopped eating junk food and cut out the sugary soda.

The exercise replaced the hurt and soon she no longer missed her ex because she had a new, more healthy body.

Sian shed 98 pounds and turned the negative into a huge positive. Plus her self-esteem is skyrocketing thanks to compliments she receives on Tinder and Instagram.

Now Sian has the confidence to post nude photos of her incredible transformation.

Her Instagram has nearly 16,000 followers who are amazed by her impressive journey.