Meet The Woman Who Sent Her Online Boyfriend $1.4 MILLION Without Ever Meeting Him

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil, a woman named Sarah, who is having the daylights catfished and scammed out of her, decided that the great Dr. Phil was the only person possible who could finally unite her with her online boyfriend, Chris Olsen. You see, according to Sarah, her and Chris haven’t met because he’s is having a rough go of it. He’s one hell of a online lover, writing her notes and poems and feeding her need to be loved, but he’s down on his luck and stuck in Africa. He’s so down, in fact, that Sarah has had to send him over 1.4 million in the 17 months since they’ve been “dating” just to help him out.

If you’re thinking you smell bullshit, you’re not alone. But you’re also not with Sarah, because she believes Chris is a real person who really needs this money to save his life. “I have questioned several times whether or not this is a scam. I am 95% certain that Chris is telling me the truth, that this is all legit,” Sarah said during the preview clip above.

Yeah, and I am 95% certain you’re a fucking dolt, lady. Just painfully dumb.



My only question for Sarah is: how did you get so much money to begin with? You know, being a complete fucking idiot and all.

I don’t know about you, but I might just need to tune into Dr. Phil for the first time ever to see how this all plays out.

[H/T: Jezebel]