Watch This Crazy Lady Casually Stroll Down The Street And Randomly Stab Innocent People

Woman Stabbing Strangers


What’s going on today with women? And by today I don’t mean “in the year 2014” I mean like TODAY as in ON THIS DAY IN DECEMBER.

First, this woman pulls the cruelest prank on a one night stand ever, and now this woman from New Orleans is just casually strolling down the street and stabbing people.

Police are looking for a woman they say walked down a French Quarter sidewalk and randomly poked two men with a sharp object, injuring them.

New Orleans police say the woman appeared to mumble to herself as she walked down the 900 block of Decatur Street shortly before 9 p.m. on Nov. 30. As she walked, she was “poking random pedestrians with an unknown sharp object,” police said in a news release.

Here’s surveillance footage of the random NOLA pokes that don’t involve a trade off for beads.

Judging from the confused men’s reactions, the stabbing isn’t doing too much damage, but there’s no telling where that knife has been.