Savage Woman Trolls The Hell Out Of A Facebook Scammer With Her Own Fake Secret Identity

by 3 years ago
woman trolls facebook scammer with fake identity


Literally not a day goes by in which I do not get at least one email or phone call from someone wanting to scam money out of me. It’s gotten to the point where these people just flat out say things that I know for a fact are 100% fiction. It’s annoying AF, but I have given up all hope of ever escaping that infinite loop.

Which is why when I see someone else take the bull by the horns and ram it right back up a scammer’s keister it gives me oh so much joy. That’s the reason why this is probably my all-time favorite scene out of many from Seinfeld

God, instead of just ignoring them and/or hanging up I would love to do that just once. I would also love to have the time, and the stones, to be able to do what this woman on imgur did to someone who was trying to scam her out of some of her hard-earned cash on Facebook.