Woman Whose Fake Boobs Were So Big They Reached Her Collarbone Says She ‘Instantly Regretted’ Getting Surgery

The reality show Botched is always a good time, from the guy who got breast implants after making a $10,000 bet, to the woman who calls herself the “Uniboob Queen” because…well, yeah – the show may not win an Emmy anytime soon, but goddamn is it entertaining.

In this week’s clip, we’re introduced to a British model named “Candy,” who kept getting bigger and bigger breast implants until they were finally so large that they reached her collarbone. “For my first breast job I had 420cc silicone, which took me up to about a DD and I loved them,” she says. Eventually Candy had her boobs done again, this time taking her up to 1200cc. However, this time she wasn’t nearly as happy. “When I woke up from that surgery I instantly regretted it.”

Yeah no shit – otherwise you wouldn’t be on Botched, now would you?

Botched airs on Tuesdays at 9 PM on E!