Woman Witnesses Fatal Car Crash, Walks Away From It Eating A Slice Of Pizza Like It’s NBD (Video)

What would you do if you witnessed a woman violently struck by a car?

Try to help, right? I hope that’s your answer.

Okay, but what if you witnessed it right after you purchased a hot, tasty slice of Not Ray’s Pizza, one of Brooklyn’s finest slice establishments.

Put down the slice and help out? Or take that first gooey bite while walking away from the scene? I mean, pizza only stays hot for so long.

A woman in Brooklyn chose the latter after witnessing a fatal car crash in Fort Greene.

Victoria Nicodemus, 30, was struck by an SUV that hopped a curb last night. She was pronounced at an area hospital.

In the above video, obtained by DNAInfo, a woman is seen witnessing the crash, then casually chewing on her slice and walking away.

I mean, she is right there and doesn’t help.

Don’t ever do that.