Real, Living, Breathing Women Revealed Their Biggest Tinder Turnoffs So Settle Down And Pay Attention

Women Says These Are The Biggest Tinder Turnoffs


  • Knowing what to include (and what to avoid) when putting together a Tinder profile can be a tricky game
  • Here’s what women say are the biggest turnoffs when they’re swiping through guys on the app
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As you bros know, any time I have the chance to share some valuable advice when it comes to scoring with the ladies I am always here to help.

So when I ran across an article over on Elite Daily in which real live women revealed some of their biggest Tinder turnoffs, I simply had to share a little bit of what they said.

According to Mariah, 27, the picture is key, as one would expect…

A mirror selfie comes off very conceited. He really can’t find one candid picture of himself that does his looks justice? It also comes off like he is way too concerned with looking perfect.

Alyssa, 25, says no to the professional headshot…

It’s an immediate swipe left if your Tinder photos are all professional head shots. No one looks as good as their head shot. Plus, they look super sterile and impersonal.

Try to look like you’ve actually moved on from your college years, requests Gabriella, 25…

I’ll swipe left if all of their photos are on a mountain or a waterfall three miles away. One is cool and shows you’re adventurous, but I can’t see you, bro.

Also, having pictures of heavy drinking or funneling beer in a frat from years ago is just not attractive.

Ana, 24, suggests chilling with the sunglasses, bro…

If you have sunglasses on in every single picture, I’m swiping left. I know you want to show off that one time you went on a boat with all of your buddies, but how am I supposed to tell you apart from all the other 6-foot brunette men I go for?

And would it kill you to smile, asks Janet, 24…

If you’re not smiling in any of your photos, that’s a turnoff. Why so serious? And if you’re partying or wasted in every photo, that’s too intense for the opposite reason.

No matter how nice your muscles are or your expensive watch may be, those photos just make you seem superficial — even if you’re not. And if I have to channel Sherlock Holmes to figure out which person in the group you are, that’s too much work right off the bat.

Get even further educated by checking out the rest of the tips and advice over at Elite Daily.

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