Here Are The Biggest Dating And Marriage Deal Breakers For Women So STOP Doing These Things, Bros



Now I know that you personally have ZERO problem when it comes to landing and keeping a woman. But for everyone else I thought that this study by Sapio where they discovered the dating, marriage and relationship deal breakers for women (and men) might be of interest.

In a survey of more than 2,000 people between the ages of 18 and 40 we can glean a pretty good idea of what things are probably not good if you’re looking for any kind of long-term relationship.

As you can see below, when it comes to millennial women, sexism and racism, for some reason, is frowned upon when they are seeking someone to date. Then, the older women get, bad hygiene takes over for sexism, but racism is still a no-go.



Now when it comes to marriage deal breakers, having sex with someone else, be it regular, oral and with more than one person, women don’t seem to like you doing that. Nor do they like men who are abusive. I know, these are all pretty shocking, right?





And in this next chart they break it down by gender overall as to what the biggest relationship deal breakers are and once again cheating is, yep, still not good.



If any of this comes as a real surprise to you then perhaps dating and marriage is just not for you.

Check out the rest of the study with even more cool charts and graphs here.