This Guy’s Tinder Profile Is Wonderfully Honest Yet Douchey As Hell And Despite That He Probably Gets Laid A LOT

Would you fuck a dude just because he’s got over 2 million in his savings account, even if he was ugly? I can’t say I would. Having sex in return for getting a GHD hair straightener (those motherfuckers are expensive) seems pretty cheap to me, but I know there are both men and women out there who don’t give a shit and will rip their clothes off just for the chance of getting a few big-ticket items for free. To each their own, I guess.

Maybe the idea of “true love” and all that Prince Charming shit is going out of style and it’s time to embrace “buy me presents and I will tolerate your below-average self for an extended period of time.”

How depressing.

[H/T Reddit]