The World Record For Most Bacon Eaten In Five Minutes Was Broken This Weekend And It’s So Much Bacon

How much bacon makes up a proper breakfast? Somewhere between 5-6 strips, I say. It’s a really fine line. Too little bacon and you are left yearning, wanting for more. One, two, three and four strips of bacon are all too few. Then seven is where you start to feel fat.

Anything more than that is just beyond gluttonous.

That’s not to say you can’t eat more than eight strips if pressed. You could probably do something along the lines of 13-16. I’m confident in you and me.

Still, that has nothing on Matt Stonie, who, at the Daytona 500, broke the world record for bacon eating.

How many bacon strips did he have in five minutes?


Watch him gorge himself in video of the event, then rejoicing knowing you are the kind of person who consumes a sane and rational amount of bacon.

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