Holy Shit: This Is the World’s Worst Parallel Parking FAIL Ever

This is the most frustrating video I’ve ever watched. Like, I actually felt my blood pressure starting to rise just because I was that pissed off this lady in Portland couldn’t parallel park in this space. Could you possibly have more space? I mean… SERIOUSLY. That’s the biggest parking space I’ve ever seen and this lady can’t get within three feet of the curb. It’s literally big enough for an aircraft carrier.

Think about it, Bros… This human being has a state-issued license from a government DMV that says she’s a competent driver. In this case, the system is failing us; clearly, if you can’t parallel park in a space that YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO BACK INTO BECAUSE IT’S THAT FUCKING BIG you shouldn’t be able to drive. You’re a goddamn menace to the rest of us on the road.

How the hell did she pass her drivers test? Or, what’s the chances that she’s a millennial who never experienced drivers education because it was cut from her school system?

I’m done, I’m done… I’m a little hot right now, but I’m cooling down. People who can’t parallel park just piss me off so much.

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