Patty Once Aspired To Be ‘Fattest Woman In The World’, Now She’s Losing Weight From Having So Much Sex

Patty is from Nevada, is dating a nice 38-year-old man, and once aspired to be the ‘fattest woman in the world’ while dating a ‘feeder’ who used to make her eat 13,000 calories each day of fatty/greasy/fried food. Patty Sanchez used to weigh 714 pounds but these days those pounds are flying off her body because of all the porking she’s doing.

She and her new boyfriend Bryan Johnson are banging like a pair of rabbits in the Australian outback, and it’s causing Patty to lose the weight she once put on in hopes of being named as the ‘fattest woman in the world’, a title I often forget exists.

Don’t these stories of TRUE LOVE just warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity? Don’t they?!?!

The couple is telling their story, well, it’s mostly Patty’s story, but they’re telling it to Barcroft TV in that clip above. Patty’s daily fitness routine consists of waxing Bryan’s pole in lengthy sex sessions, and suddenly I don’t feel like eating dinner anymore, which is good because I could stand to lose 1 or 2 pounds myself!

(h/t Barcroft TV YouTube)

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