A Bunch Of People Shared Their ‘Worst Date’ Stories And HOLY SHITSNACKS! These Chicks Are Crazy

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First dates can be the absolute worst sometimes, that’s why I usually just skip straight to the second date by blacking out on the first and forgetting it ever happened. A whole bunch of people shared stories of their worst first dates, bros and lady bros sharing their insane stories of cheaters, killers, and everything else under the sun. I guess I’m lucky that my ‘worst first date’ only involves me waking up in a chick’s house without knowing where I was or what the girl’s name was. Shockingly, and this is an embarrassing story I don’t tell very often, but we had the same fucking name! How do I forget the girl’s name is ‘Cass’, short for Cassidy, when my own name is Cass? Booze, that’s how I forget…). I’ve compiled the best from the AskReddit thread below and all I have to say is HOLY HELL, people are absolutely crazy, so get ready, and take notes on the red flags to avoid! The last story is straight up terrifying and I hope that the dude is behind bars by now.

I was at work and a stunningly beautiful woman walked up and asked me out. I was in college and she was probably 25-26.
It was an amazing date. She was funny and cool and insisted on paying for everything. At the end of our meal she looked at me and said “I promised myself I wasn’t going to fuck you, but I’ve changed my mind.”
Back at her place the sex was like porn sex, but something was off. She was very particular about positions and where we positioned ourselves. She also described in a very loud voice everything we were doing.
By the time we were finished I was creeped out. I knew something was up. On the drive home I badgered her until she admitted that her fiancé had been watching us the whole night, from the bar in the restaurant and through the window when we had sex.

Took her to a quiet bar and grill, ordered a beer, and listened to her lecture me about how I am using beer to hide / deal with my insecurities. I ordered a 2nd and a 3rd.

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