This Lady Just Cemented Her Legacy By Having The Worst ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Round In The Show’s History

Nura–what’s your fucking deal? Like you don’t like money or something? You only know two letters in the alphabet? Like what the fuck. Z, X, then just a stupid ass look on your face? For a second there, I legit thought you were going to guess a number. “Is there a 16 on the board, Pat?” Did the fucking edibles just kick in? There has to be an explanation. Because by some grace of God, you ended up winning??

And you had a chance to shed some light on your stupidity when Pat came up and was like ‘what the fuck’ and you just stood there like ‘what? huh? Z? X?’ I’m growing increasingly upset because my mom watches this show religiously and she’s fucking dirty at guessing puzzles. But the fact that people like Nura are taking home the grand prize by having just a vague understanding of the alphabet while my mom is forced to watch on the sidelines is disrespectful to the Keohan family crest. Looks like it’s socks again for Christmas this year!! Wish my mom could afford that samurai sword I asked for but NOOOOO Nura is walking away with $13K. Hey Nura, ya over here, put the money towards some Hooked on Phonics. Do it for humanity.

[h/t For the Win]

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