Woman Driver Tells Cops She ‘Could Not See Anything’, The Reason Why Just Set Lady Drivers Back 50 Years

Stereotypes can be nasty things, and they seem to linger forever. The ladies get a pretty bad wrap on the road, with the stereotype being that women are inferior drivers to men. This is not a stereotype I agree with, but after reading through one Florida woman’s police report methinks that lady drivers just took a hit to their reputation that might set them back a cool 50 years.

via NWFDailyNews.com:

CRESTVIEW — A woman driving down Ferdon Boulevard with no headlights on at 4 in the morning did not have a driver’s license and was arrested, according to the Crestview Police Department.
An officer spotted the woman driving south on Ferdon at 4:17 a.m. and gave chase, activating his emergency lights. The woman continued south, at times swerving into the outside lane, then stopped at the intersection of Ferdon and McCaskill Street.
The woman told the officer she was going home from a friend’s house and “could not see anything as she was driving,” the officer wrote in the report. She also said she didn’t believe the officer was behind her trying to stop her.
She had no license, registration or proof of insurance, but she did give the officer a Florida ID card.

So, the reason being ‘she forgot to turn on her headlights’…Moving on…

Let’s be honest here, this seems like textbook drunk driving behavior:
1) Person forgets to turn on their lights while driving at night.
2) The driver is swerving across lanes.
3) No license, registration, or proof of insurance.
4) They went with ye olde ‘I didn’t think you were pulling ME over’ excuse.

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With all this in mind I find it pretty damn interesting that there’s zero mention of a field sobriety test in the police blotter. Not even a ‘walk this line’ or attempt at breathalyzer, but I’m sure there were things going on here that were left out of the report and I’m happy to give the officer the benefit of the doubt.

So if we take this woman’s actions at face value and assume she wasn’t drunk driving then we can also assume that she’s probably the shittiest driver in the state of Florida. It’s after 4am and she tells the officer that she ‘can’t see anything’, but doesn’t think to turn on her headlights??? At no point in my life have I ever driven at night and forgotten to turn on my headlights. Once it took me about 15 seconds after pulling out of a parking garage to remember to turn them on, but the second I got out of the artificial light of the garage I remembered…and this was in NEW YORK CITY, where everything is bright as hell and it’s even easier to forget to turn on your lights.

I feel bad for drivers everywhere that we share a road with people this forgetful.

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(h/t NWFDailyNews)

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