Guy Prank Calls XBox Live Support Desk As Christopher Walken To Hilarious Results

Christopher Walken impersonations are a dime a dozen and, yet, I always get excited to hear a new one. Guys like Jay Mohr, Kevin Pollak and Kevin Spacey all do Walken justice with their interpretations of him, but I especially enjoyed this one where a fake and very profane Christopher Walken calls XBox Live’s support desk.

Speaking of Christopher Walken, tonight is the night when Peter Pan Live, starring him as Captain Hook airs on NBC. I’m guessing it’s also the night that your Twitter and Facebook feeds explode with updates about how everything about the production sucks dick, except for Walken, because he’s a national treasure. If I wind up watching it, the only reasons for my tuning in will be to see Walken as Hook, and because my loving wife’s favorite pastime is torturing me with miserable television.