Nobody On Yahoo! Answers Can Spell The Word ‘Pregnant’ And I Think I Just Broke A Rib From Laughing So Hard

Nobody thinks of Yahoo! Answers as a hub for intelligence on the Internet. If you’ve ever found yourself perusing through that forum in search of the answer to some random question I bet you only arrived at Yahoo! Answers as a last resort. The entire site is like the Appalachian mouth-breathing step child of Wikipedia, or like Wiki on cheap meth.

Case in point, this video in which nobody can spell the word ‘pregnant’. This is so much more than just the bastardization of one word, it’s the questions these people are asking about this word. ‘Can I ride a 30-foot water slide while pregnant?’…’How do I get my girlfriend pregnant?’…’If a woman has starch marks on her face does that mean that she’s been pregnant before?’ What the hell are ‘starch marks’ and why have I never heard of them before until today?

(h/t Radass)