Girl Breaks Into House, Bites Woman, Explains She’s Playing ‘Zombie Game’

Zombie Game

Remember that kid in high school who was always in the middle of a weird game but he seemed to be the only person playing? He’d run through the halls as if being chased, knocking people over for not getting out of the way sooner and yell out random words and phrases uninterested in a response.

Well, dude has a sister.

Jessica Rocha of Oregon broke into the home last night and attacked the resident inside by pushing her down a flight of steps, yanking her hair and biting her on the face. It’s cool though, she explained to the woman and the cops who arrived shortly after the attack, because she’s playing “the Zombie Game.”

Cops claim Rocha was allegedly drunk and high and carrying “property with a sticker that referenced a video game featuring zombies.” Authorities claim she might have been influenced by a local scarecrow contest. Not sure what breaking and entering and face biting has to do with clothes stuffed with hay but I’m not the cops and I don’t know how they do up in Oregon.

Rocha is being held on $77,500 bail.

H/T HuffPo