Chanel West Coast’s Mother Wants Her To Create An OnlyFans

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There is very little I know about the OnlyFan craze outside of the fact that upon creating an account, a black limousine pulls up to your home and hands you a duffel bag with $1 million in it.

And that’s just Tier 1. If you already have clout, there’s no cap. We’ve seen this with ‘Boy Meets World’ actress Maitland Ward, who’s raking in six figures a month on the platform. We’ve seen this with Bella Thorne, who crashed the site when signing up and is expected to make $1 million a month. We’ve seen this with Bhad Bhabie, who reportedly earned $1 million in SIX HOURS after turning 18.

And if Chanel West Coast’s mother has anything to do with it, her daughter may be the next high-profile figure to hop on the money train.

We sat down with Ms. West Coast, whose album America’s Sweetheart is out now, and spoke about her OnlyFans dilemma.

“It’s so crazy, I’m like, ‘I do not want to make an OnlyFans, I’m trying to find a husband. The last thing I need is a fucking OnlyFans link in my bio. But I think that doesn’t even matter these days because it seems like these types of girls are getting married before me.

My mom actually was even like, ‘Why don’t you make an OnlyFans?’ I’m like, ‘Mom, are you serious?’

I feel stupid because this whole time I’ve been like, ‘No, I’m not gonna do that. I don’t want to make an OnlyFans. I think I’m blessed to have Ridiculousness and I’m blessed to have my music career which is thriving for an independent artist. I just didn’t want to feel like I have to get naked and get an OnlyFans to elevate. But at the same time, I posting pictures in my bikini while I’m on South Beach on Instagram, and I’m not getting paid for that? Why am I not posting pictures like this on OnlyFans and making money for it.”

Technically, this is pro-bono work. Charity.

“I’m at the fork in the road right now where I’m deciding OnlyFans or no OnlyFans?”

Does momma really know best?

Bonus Ridiculousness clip:

Check out our full interview with Chanel West Coast below and check out her new album: America’s Sweetheart if you enjoy bangers.

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