Is My Dad Larry David 2.0? – The Brilliantly Dumb Show Ep. 70


Absolute mayhem today on The Brilliantly Dumb Show as footage has leaked of my dad calling Skinny Cow ice cream company in regards to an assortment pack that was not so assorted. I have been saying for years now that I was raised by Larry David and this is Larry David x2. For better or worse, my dad was upset to find four vanilla ice cream sandwiches and two chocolate rather than the usual three vanilla and three chocolate.

Why he would feel the need to call the Skinny Cow company and ask them about it is beyond me but that’s just my dad being my dad; or should I say Larry David being Larry David.


Both my mom and dad join the show to discuss the skinny cow ice cream sandwich scandal and give their point of view of how it all went down. In the interview, my mom completely takes the side of people who think it was absolutely ridiculous to make this phone call while my dad completely stands his ground.

“Robby, you have to understand something, I have been a Skinny Cow consumer for five years, every time I buy the ice cream sandwiches I get three vanilla and three chocolate. So I am all about accountability, and I wanted Skinny Cow to know that somebody on the line, on the ice cream sandwich line did not do their job. Because if I got 4 vanilla and 2 chocolate, you got to believe that there is somebody out there that got the same.”

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