Sylvester Stallone’s Dude Night At His Mansion In 2019 Sounded Like The Final Boss Of Dude Nights

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I’m not a big God guy, but he’d make me a believer if he could somehow plant me at Stallone’s $110 million Rocky-themed Los Angeles mansion on December 7, 2019.

Schwarzenegger. Pacino. Burr. Sugar Ray Leonard. Strahan. Frank Grillo. Bryan Callen. Jay Glazer. Guy Fieri. GUY FIERI ON THE GRILL. All jovially consuming libations while the Anthony Joshua / Andy Ruiz Jr. rematch plays on what I’d assume to be a billion inch, gold-crusted television screen from the future.

And oh yes, the most famous magician in the world casually doing card tricks in the other room to an audience of three.

For review, let’s assess the diversity of the talent:

Magic: David Blaine
Boxing: Sugar Ray
Football: Strahan, Glazer
Food: Guy Fieri
Comedy: Bill Burr
Showbiz: Pacino, Grillo
Politics: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Guy Fieri (mayor of Flavortown)

Esteemed party attendee Frank Grillo joined our Endless Hustle podcast to unpack a night that us peasants can only watch movies about.

On drunkenly confronting a guy with 142 career sacks.

“Michael Strahan was there. We were all drinking a bit. At one point, I got in a four-point stance in front of Strahan. I go, ‘I don’t think you got it anymore.’ And you see the athlete click in. He said, ‘you really want to do this?’ And I said…no I don’t want to do this.'”

If you happen to find yourself wedged in between a Triple Crown actor and five-weight world title holder, the universe will come to you.

“It was just so surreal. I’m in the middle of Pacino and Ray Leonard. And I’m watching the fight. I think it was the Joshua fight. And at some point, whoever was commenting referenced Ray Leonard. And I’m sitting next to Ray.”

And we’ll curtain close with a little light reading from Rambo.

“And then there was Sly hosting the whole thing. At one point Sly brought Joe Carnahan and I into his office. He pulled out the original Rocky script from a Lucite covering and he read the first three pages to me and Joe. From the script. And we’re looking at each other going, ‘This is amazing.'”

May I be reincarnated as a bug, and placed on the rhino skin coffee table at Sly’s crib with a droplet of cold beer and a hot string of Fieri’s pork butt. Tickle me pink.

Listen to our entire fascinating Endless Hustle interview with Grillo below. We chat about:

  • The nuances of Hollywood
  • The genius of Nick Nolte
  • His role in ‘Billions’
  • Most impressive actor body transformations
  • His film BOSS LEVEL, out March 5th!

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