29-Year-Old Woman Has Been On 77 Dates In Two Years And Keeps A Spreadsheet About All Of Them

29-year-old Anna Heaton is what one would call a “serial dater.” Why? Because she’s been on 77 dates over the past two years. Oh yeah, she also keeps a detailed spreadsheet about all of them. Totally normal.

By her math, she says she’s been on a date approximately once every five days. By my math, it’s more like every nine days. Maybe something is getting lost in the conversion from the silly metric system they use over them. Either way, it’s a lot of fucking dates.

I’m not sure that even if I dedicated my life to it that I could (a) deal with 77 different people, or (b) find 77 different people I would want to go out on a date with in the first place.

Not Heaton though. She even went so far as to appear on a dating show called Take Me Out and still couldn’t find love.

According to the Daily Mail

The singleton, who works for a digital agency, has now been on her own for two years and rates every man she dates out of 20, based on ‘looks’, ‘personality’ and ‘spark’ on her spreadsheet.

Anna admits that she’s ‘picky’ and says she’s desperate to find a man to sweep her off her feet before she hits triple dating figures – and turns 30 next May.

She says her Mr Right would be: ‘tall with a rugby player physique’ adding: ‘I like a posh boy with a pink shirt, nicely dressed and someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.’

Over the past two years, the project manager, has met scores of men on dating apps, through her mum and on the popular ITV dating show presented by Paddy McGuinness.

An exasperated Anna says: ‘I went on my 77th date on Saturday, I think it’s because I’m too picky, it’s always me that does not want a second date and a lot of them think there is something wrong with me.

‘I know what I’m looking for and I just haven’t found it. I often have a lot in common with people but the spark just isn’t there, I just don’t fancy them.’

“Picky” might be understating things a little bit in this case.

“I would like to not get to 100 [dates] before 30, but that is probably the reality,” says Heaton. “I’d never settle but I did think that by 30 I would be on the verge of being engaged, all my friends are married and have boyfriends and I’m the one that is left.”

Oh yeah, that spreadsheet I mentioned. It sounds like quite the read…

The document, which started out as a joke by her work friends, includes a strict rating scheme before marking each partner out of 20 in categories including ‘looks’, ‘personality’ and ‘spark’.

How exactly does one define “spark” I wonder?

And of her mathematical approach to love? Anna says she has no plans to stop updating her document: ‘I am still keeping a spreadsheet, it makes me sound neurotic, but I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with the wrong person.”

Something tells me she may not have a problem achieving that last statement, but hey, good luck to her!

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