29-Year-Old Woman Has Been On 77 Dates In Two Years And Keeps A Spreadsheet About All Of Them

by 2 years ago

29-year-old Anna Heaton is what one would call a “serial dater.” Why? Because she’s been on 77 dates over the past two years. Oh yeah, she also keeps a detailed spreadsheet about all of them. Totally normal.

By her math, she says she’s been on a date approximately once every five days. By my math, it’s more like every nine days. Maybe something is getting lost in the conversion from the silly metric system they use over them. Either way, it’s a lot of fucking dates.

I’m not sure that even if I dedicated my life to it that I could (a) deal with 77 different people, or (b) find 77 different people I would want to go out on a date with in the first place.

Not Heaton though. She even went so far as to appear on a dating show called Take Me Out and still couldn’t find love.

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