This Guy Came Up With Perhaps The Greatest Tinder Profile Picture Ever And Women LOVE It

greatest tinder profile

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The rest of us might as well shut it down and give up on dating apps because we have officially found (in my and many others’ opinion) the greatest Tinder profile picture ever. Forget looking sporty on your mountain bike or chilling at the beach, that picture is a dime a dozen, bro.

The key to a great Tinder profile picture is something you see pretty much every day: those horrible, annoying spammy ads that try to get you to click with false promises of easy riches.


[protected-iframe id=”7dcbf234db4c9d97eea53c7dd33dba54-97886205-92827192″ info=”//” class=”reddit-card” height=”1165″]
You know how I know this is genius? Look at some of these responses on Reddit

“Hoping this guy is my future husband.” ~ Kessie03

“same.” ~ borninbrit

“Polygamy time..” ~ Kessie03

“Be my husband please.” ~ _torisomethin_

“I’d swipe right, and I’m a straight guy. I’m pretty sure.” ~ fuggyourgavel

Bro is probably just swimming in women right about now.

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