How To Step-Up Your Texting Game, According To Dating Expert Chad Mountain

Last week we sat down with Chad Mountain, burgeoning Instagram star and certified dating expert, to talk about how every man should navigate the waters of dating. He laid out the three keys for maximizing your dating game, especially in the world of online dating apps: Be nice. Be kind. Be interested. As long as you have the golden rule going for you, you’re in a great spot.

This week we talked to Chad about stepping up your texting game. n a world of smartphones and selfies, the key to any great relationship in the digital era is great texting banter. Texting is where the flirty chemistry between to people sparks into a full-out combustion. No one wants a wet blanket who takes 20 minutes to respond to a text or can’t fire back a strategic 👀👀👀emoji where it’s warranted.

Chad laid out his Dos and Don’ts of texting, from over-texting to how to properly master a double-text. His words of wisdom above.

Remember the ultimate don’t: Don’t be a weirdo.

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