Enter DraftKings NFL Millionaire Maker Contest For FREE For A Chance To Win A MILLION Dollars

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1 million dollars.

It’s no more mine than yours. It’s no more yours than mine.

But one thing is for sure–it will be someone’s. Someone who took 10 minutes out of their day to string together a winning lineup for DraftKings $3 NFL Millionaire Maker Contest. For that  person, entering this contest will be the best decision he’s ever made. He will tell his children about this fateful day as he drives them to private school. Because now that person can afford the finer things in life.

And if the football gods haven’t selected you as the Chosen One, over 215,000 of you will still win money guaranteed from the mammoth $2,500,000 prize pool.

More good news: if your wallet is thinner than a beer coaster, fear not– the contest is FREE for players making their first deposits and $3 for returning DraaftKings players.

The contest locks on Sunday, December 13th at 1:00 PM EST so SIGN UP NOW!

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