A 1,028-Pound ‘Grander’ Blue Marlin As Big As A Dinosaur Was Caught In Hawaii

grander blue marlin fishing

iStockphoto / Kelly Dalling

  • Catch a Grander marlin is the ultimate dream of offshore fishermen
  • A 1,028-pound ‘Grander’ Blue Marlin was caught in Kona, Hawaii over the weekend
  • This enormous fish was caught by angler Tara Thompson-Disnard
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Catching a grander marlin is on my ultimate bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish but likely never will. I have caught Blue Marlin before but catching a grander is something that full-time fishermen might never accomplish in a lifetime.

The pursuit of these fish is expensive. You need to be in the right place at the right time with the right gear and crew. That means traveling from Hawaii to Portugal to Australia and off the coast of Africa. All the while following the weather and migratory patterns of these giant fish in hopes of hooking one weighing more than a thousand pounds.

Angler Tara Thompson-Disnard and Captain Kevin Hiney landed and weighed a 1,028-pound Blue Marlin aka ‘Grander’ aboard the Sundowner. They were fishing out of Honokohau Marina in Kalaoa, Hawaii.

Pictures of this dinosaur-sized Blue Marlin might blow your mind. This Blue Marlin has bigger shoulders than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It’s hard to imagine the amount of power this fish was able to produce from that body and tail.

Look closely at the size and width of her body compared to the head of this fish. Then you will begin to gain a sense of just how massive it was before it was harvested and donated to locals, as is customary in Hawaii.


Catching these fish is incredibly rare. The last one I wrote about here on BroBible was back in 2019. Many people from the fishing world shared photos of Tara’s grander Blue Marlin on Instagram and offered congratulations, as you can see above.

For anyone out there that’s curious, the IGFA All-Tackle Fishing World Record for Pacific Blue Marlin is a 1,376 lb 0 oz fish. That was caught by angler Jay de Beaubien in Kaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii back in 1982. And the IGFA Fishing World Record for the Atlantic Blue Marlin is slightly larger. That fish weighed 1,402 lb 2 oz and was caught in Vitoria, Brazil back in February 1992.

IGFA Fishing World Records for Black Marlin aren’t broken out into Atlantic/Pacific/Indian Ocean subspecies. There’s just one record. That Grander weighed 1,560 lb 0 oz and was caught in Cabo Blanco, Peru in 1953.

Here’s a look at the second-largest marlin ever caught in Hawaii for anyone who wants to see more enormous fish.

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