11th Largest Blue Marlin EVER Caught In The Atlantic Is Landed, This Fish Has Shoulders Wider Than A Linebacker

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We’re deep within the season for HUUUUGE blue marlin being caught out deep in the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the most remarkable fish ever captured on rod and reel was just landed by the Captain/Angler Lukas Holt with aboard the Team Habitat fishing vessel in Horta, Azores. If you’re not familiar with Azores it’s a tiny island way out in the Northern Atlantic, located somewhere between New Jersey and Portugal (much closer to the European side), and it’s an absolutely legendary fishing location for anglers in search of ‘granders’:

Azores Island

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As every BroBible reader already knows a ‘grander‘ is the name given to Blue and Black Marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds, and catching a grander is the end-all-be-all achievement for offshore anglers.

As mentioned above, Captain/Angler Lukas Holt achieved the greatest feat in sportfishing when he landed the 7th Grander of 2016, a 1,254-pound Blue Marlin that is tied as being the 11th largest blue marlin ever caught on rod and reel in the Atlantic Ocean. Lukas Holt’s 1,254-pound blue marlin ties a fish caught by the Big Oh fishing team last year, which I reported on here at BroBible, and at the time that fish was caught it was actually the 9th largest Blue Marlin ever caught in the Atlantic. Since then a larger fish nudged it to 10th and then with Team Habitat’s 1,254-pound fish caught in Horta, Azores they are now tied for 11th…Such is the nature of the ever-changing world of sportfishing records.

According to Grander Watch, Team Habitat and angler Lukas Holt landed this gargantuan blue marlin on a Black Bart Grander Candy, a bait designed specifically to raise giant marlin up from the depths of the Atlantic.

As I’ve mentioned more than once now the fish tipped the scales at 1,254-pounds, but if you’re interested in the length/width measurements it was recorded as having a 48” Short, 80” Girth and a 20” Tail. An absolute MONSTER of a fish.

…For more photos of the 11th largest Atlantic Blue Marlin ever caught you can check out Captain Olaf Grimkowski’s Facebook gallery and for more information on this record catch you can head on over to Grander Watch!

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