A 12-Team College Football Playoff Might Happen A Lot Sooner Than We Originally Thought

A 12-Team College Football Playoff Might Happen Sooner Than Expected

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

Many have been pushing for a College Football Playoff expansion for years as the current format only allows four teams to make the postseason. It feels like we see the same two or three schools make a run for the championship and many want change to happen. This would give other schools a chance to compete on the biggest stage. Well, it sounds like it could happen a lot sooner than we thought.

Colle Football Playoff Board Voting On Potential 12-Team Format

According to Front Office Sports, College Football Playoff presidents will be voting on what’s to come next for the CFP on Friday, September 2. One key aspect everyone is keeping tabs on is the playoff format, as they are actually discussing a bump up from four teams to 12 teams.

With NIL deals changing the college football landscape forever and multiple schools changing conferences, it only makes sense to increase the playoff size. Many speculate that the direction of the sport is heading towards “super conferences.” For that reason, it only makes sense to increase the postseason pool from four to 12.

If the voting is passed, we could see a 12-team format come to fruition as soon as 2024. This is incredibly exciting news, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. Nothing is final until after the board members place their votes.

So, for that reason, keep a close eye on the college football news cycle throughout the weekend. More information is sure to be released soon.

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