The 14 Best Hail Mary Passes in Football History

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Colorado-Michigan, 1994

Kordell Stewart threw a football farther than anyone had ever thrown a football and Michael Westbrook caught the deflection. My neighbor, a huge Wolverines fan, destroyed his television and stepped outside for six consecutive cigarettes. It was a formative moment in my life.

Kentucky-LSU, 2002

Tigers quarterback Marcus Randall’s heave bounded off a Wildcats defender into the hands of a streaking Devery Henderson, who took it to the house for a 75-yard stunner. If that wasn’t bad enough, Kentucky had already doused coach Guy Morriss with Gatorade. Such a hilarious fail.

Boston College-Miami, 1984

Perhaps the most well-known H.M. Plucky underdog Doug Flutie lofted a 47-yard toss to the waiting arms of Gerard Phelan. The ensuing celebration was legendary.

Michigan State-Wisconsin, 2011

Kirk Cousins’ last-ditch effort found Keith Nichol, who fought his way into the end zone. The touchdown was awarded after a lengthy review to give it a nice Hollywood touch.

Jacksonville-Houston, 2010

It’s hard to imagine, but Jacksonville once fielded a team capable of winning games. Here’s proof.

BYU-SMU, 1980

Jim Fucking McMahon, who is more man than you’ll ever be, found Clay Brown in the end zone to win the Holiday Bowl. Mormons got SO sober that night, let me tell you.

SMU-Louisville, 1989

Brett Favre’s legend began here, with a miracle 79-yard job to Darryl Tillman.


Miami-Akron, 2001

Big Ben Roethlisberger dominated the MAC. God, I miss an uninjured Big Ben. Big Ben is what this play was called, if you believe Wikipedia.

Minnesota-Northwestern, 2000

Zak Kustok hit Sam Simmons at the Metrodome. People in Minnesota were probably pretty polite about the whole thing.

Washington-Cal, 2006

Not one, not two, but three Huskies defenders had a chance to knock this down. Zero accomplished that goal and Cal would go on to win in overtime.

Buffalo-Temple, 2008

Naaman Roosevelt hauled in a 35-yard pass from Drew Willy for the victory. Thirty-five yards is pretty short for a Hail Mary, but this is my list so deal with it.

Vikings-Cowboys, 1975

Legendary quarterback Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson. In a PLAYOFF GAME. Good stuff. Ask your grandfather about it.

Giants-Packers, 2011

More playoffs. Remember Hakeem Nicks and happier times, Giants fans. Things have to get better.


INTERCEPTDOWN! TOUCHCEPTION. The play that made the real referees return and my personal favorite.

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