Bro Catches MONSTER 14-Pound Lobster In Bermuda And It Looks Like Something From Outer Space

Tristan Loescher has been diving for lobster for over 15 years but he’s never caught one even close to this size until now, and his enormous 14-pound lobster caught in Bermuda is already making headlines worldwide.

Having spent the better part of the past two decades diving for lobster Tristan immediately recognized the rarity of his catch. After posing for several photos with the once-in-a-lifetime lobster and pondering whether or not he should dip this crustacean in butter, donate it to the local aquarium, or release it the decision was made to send this lobster back into the ocean, which is a pretty bro move considering this lobster’s an estimate 40-years-old:

Tristan Loescher caught this 14-pound lobster while he was out fishing with Sanctuary Marine, a Bermuda-based fishing charter (BOOK YOUR OWN CHARTER WITH THEM HERE TODAY), and on Facebook Sanctuary Marine joked that they had Hurricane Nicole to thank for this massive lobster showing up in Bermuda’s waters:

You have to respect the hell out of Tristan Loescher for releasing this ancient lobster back into the ocean to continue his reign as King of the Reef, definitely a bro move right there.

And while this 14-pound lobster was definitely the catch of a lifetime for one fisherman I’d argue that it’s got NOTHING on this lobster that was caught late last month: an albino lobster, the rarest in the world, with odds of it existing in the wild at 1-in-every-100 MILLION lobsters.

For more on this 14-pound lobster caught in Bermuda you can head over to Inside Edition and/or NYDailyNews!

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