2013 Dick Nick Championships Round 3: Which Athlete’s Nickname is the Best Euphemism for a Penis?


Pocket Hercules looks to slay another goliath as it takes on the towering monstrosity known as Big Ben.


Can The Muscle Hamster claw through another victim en route to the Elite Eight, or will Beast Mode put an end to this rodent’s relentless reign?


The Polish Hammer hopes to swing through every bullet Mr. Big Shot can shoot.


Can Red Rocket soar into the next round or will the Black Mamba slither its way into the Elite Eight?



Nothing would please The Cuban Missile more than exploding into the next round, but The Big Donkey still has plenty of kick left in the tank.


The Hebrew Hammer has benefited from using illegal drugs, but Fat Elvis is no stranger to banned substances.


Can Crankshaft grind to a third straight upset or will Dominator stop the #12 seed in its tracks?


Two leaders. One winner. Whoever imposes their will shall advance.