The 2017-2018 College Basketball National Championship Odds Are Out And I Like Princeton At 1000/1

We are a long way away from March Madness, and just 2.5 weeks away from the College Football 2017/2018 season kickoff, but College Basketball is just around the corner. I’m guessing that you clicked this article because you like to make wagers on the action. After sifting through the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook’s 2017/2018 College Basketball National Championship odds I can see that there’s a lot of action on the table this year.

At the top, as is the case every year, at the Blue Chip programs. The Kentucky Wildcats are the current favorites to win it all. After opening at 10/1 they’ve already slid up to 7/1. Duke is also a favorite, tied at 7/1 after also opening at 12/1. The Michigan State Spartans are just behind at 8/1, followed by the Kansas Jayhawks (10/1), Arizona Wildcats (10/1), and the Louisville Cardinals (12/1). Perennial favorites UNC are lagging behind the field at 30/1, the same as Villanova. There’s the potential to make a lot of money this season if you place the right bet, just check out the odds (via @Covers):

college basketball national championship odds


I’ve got some friends who will be out in Vegas two weeks from now. After seeing these odds, I’m thinking it would be irresponsible of me to not throw a couple Benjamin Franklin’s on schools like Georgetown, Syracuse, Princeton at 100/1, and my alma mater FSU at 80/1. I don’t actually think FSU’s going to win it all this year, but won’t dropping a fat wager on the season make watching the games all that much better? Yes. The answer is yes. (h/t Covers)

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