ESPN Drops The First Masters Commercial For 2018 And Let The Countdown Begin!

Masters logo

Masters logo

At the time of writing this sentence, The Masters is only 91 days, 21 hours and 10 minutes away. I know that not because I am a psychopath who is in love with golf, but because there is an entire website dedicated to when the best week in professional golf will be here.

Now that we are officially in 2018, ESPN has dropped their first commercial hyping the 2018 Masters. The commercial is simple, but pure. Kind of like the Masters, in a way. There are no dramatic clips of Sergio Garcia’s triumph last year or Tiger chipping in on 16 in the most improbably of ways. All we have is Tom Rinaldi, a few picturesque shots of Augusta National and that is it.

“The years change, but this — its colors, its moments, its history — remains. Where we renew and return … at The Masters.”

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I’m so hyped right now!!!!! God, I can’t wait. But ninety-one days seems like too many days, right? Although we have plenty of fun and exciting tournaments ahead (the Hawaii swing always makes me want to quit life and move there permanently and the Waste Management in Arizona is always a raucous time) I need the Masters to really get my juices flowing for my own golf season ahead. Also need it to get here, because that means this god awful winter weather will be out of here and I can finally go outside and hit golf balls again. When it is 2-degrees, that just isn’t possible. Even with heated bays.

Get here soon, Masters.