The 4 Biggest Fitness Lies That Need To Die

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The fitness world is full of misinformation, bros. Everywhere we look there’s a new study pointing out something is going to kill us, a new meme making fun of something we thought might work, and a new supplement ad promising the secret to a six pack.

This misinformation pisses me off, to be honest. I’m tired of hearing this shit, so we’re going to set the record straight. Get your popcorn ready and grab your jimmies, because this is likely to rustle a few. Here are 4 fitness lies that need to die.

  • Cardio is a gainz killer.

I fully admit I used to firmly set up shop in the camp that thought steady state cardio would zap your gainz. I avoided the treadmill, running outside, biking, or anything else generally known as cardio, because I didn’t want to waste away precious muscle mass.

Now that I’m a little older and a little wiser, I realize just how fucking dumb I was. Cardio doesn’t kill your gainz. In fact it’s the exact opposite, cardio can seriously help you make gainz.

Cardio helps make your heart more efficient with its stroke volume, which means your heart pushes out more blood per pump. It also helps build the capillary support network, and if you’re looking to gain lean muscle tissue, increasing the capillary network in that tissue is important if you want that new muscle mass to function well.

Surprisingly, HIIT alone doesn’t really do these things. HIIT strengthens the left ventricle of your heart, and causes that wall to thicken, but it doesn’t increase stroke volume or the capillary network. HIIT may be awesome, but it’s not the end all be all.

If you’re a jacked bro and you start training for a marathon, then yes you will probably lose some muscle mass. You can get plenty of cardio benefit from a few 30-minute sessions each week. There’s no need to spend hours pounding away.

  • You should really be training each body part more than 1x per week.

Monday is international chest day. Every good bro knows that. Am I saying you need to give that up? No, I’m saying you’ll get better results if you train your chest on Monday and Thursday instead of just Monday.

Two of the biggest keys that govern muscle strength and growth are frequency and volume. They’re so important that I’ve covered them specifically before. By and large most bros out there who stick to a basic body part split routine could benefit a ton from adding in more frequency and volume.

How do you do that? Start training specific bodyparts more than once a week. Aim for 2-3x a week, and you’ll notice the gainz come a hell of a lot quicker. Don’t stress too hard about not being fully recovered or anything like that.

Unless you’re a top-level athlete who is getting paid millions of dollars, that’s not necessary for you to worry about. 2-3 workouts a week of the same body part won’t kill you, as long as you’re smart. That means don’t walk into the gym with the goal of pummeling yourself into submission. Contrary to popular belief the gym is supposed to make you feel good. Not like you just got into a fight with Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.


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