Victim Of Vicious 49ers Fan Bathroom Fight Partially Paralyzed And ‘Close To Death’



The other day we posted a video of a vicious brawl in the bathroom of Levi’s Stadium during the Chiefs game. “Fight” isn’t really the right word — It was more of an attack, with two thugs in 49ers uniforms leaving a fan knocked out cold on the floor. Prosecutors say the brutal fight was all over who was next to use a urinal.

The two men have been identified as 27-year-old Amador Rebollero and 34-year-old Dario Rebollero. Their past criminal history is pretty extensive and includes car theft and assault with a deadly weapon charges). They have been rightfully charged with felony assault for the incident on Sunday. If convicted, according to Mercury News, Amador Rebollero could face up to 11 years in prison and Dario Rebollero could face up to eight years.

Meanwhile, the victim of the attack had to have brain surgery and was reportedly “close to death.” Via CBS and NBC:

“This was not a fight,” Deputy District Attorney Deborah Hernandez said. “This was an unprovoked and vicious attack against spectators that has left one of them close to death.”

“These victims were beaten like animals,” said Hernandez. “One of the victims has suffered severe injuries. He has some bleeding to the brain. He has had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure. He is currently suffering some paralysis.”

Awful. No one deserves to go to a NFL game for a Sunday Funday and have this happen to them. Let’s hope these scumbags are behind bars where they deserve to be for a long time.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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