49ers Fans Are Concerned About Trey Lance After Latest Update On QB Situation

49ers QB Trey Lance

Getty Image / Thearon W. Henderson

It’s an interesting time for the San Francisco 49ers right now as they happen to be in a quarterback dilemma.

General manager John Lynch provided a recent update on what’s going on with the quarterback room and fans can’t help but be concerned about Trey Lance.

According to Nick Wagoner, Lynch gave Brock Purdy a huge endorsement, claiming that the second-year quarterback would be given the chance to keep the starting role.

Of course, Purdy is dealing with an injury and it’s unclear when he’ll return. Additionally, the franchise signed Sam Darnold to the roster this offseason.

That leaves the 49ers with a bit of a crowded quarterback room, as Lance is still on the roster too. Considering how much San Francisco traded away to acquire him, you’d think he’d be at the top of the list ahead of Purdy.

For that reason, 49ers fans share their concern about what’s going on with Lance.

Brock Purdy’s injury definitely makes this whole situation messy.

Maybe the 49ers want a trade all along.

Are the 49ers better off with Brock Purdy?

There’s still plenty of time this summer for San Francisco to evaluate their quarterbacks. Even so, the early impression from the fans is that they’re utterly confused about Trey Lance.