49ers Vets Stuck Rookie Making League Minimum With Insane Dinner Tab

by 4 years ago


Yeah, yeah, I get it, “hazing” and “we all went through it” but making a rookie who’s only pulling in league minimum, and one who might not make the team, cover a $1800 dinner tab is just a dick move.

Mike Davis, a rookie fourth round running back for San Francisco, tweeted out this dinner tab late Sunday night on the West Coast. Niners Nation says Davis has $468,780 in guaranteed money this season. We don’t have all the information on this yet but if it’s what it appears to be — that veteran teammates made him pay this much money for their meal — this is disrespectful behavior and has needed to stop for awhile now.

And it’s not just the 49ers screwing with people, it’s the entire town of San Fran. What the hell is a $66 San Francisco health tax?!!?

[via The Big Lead]

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