49ers Waited To Bench Colin Kaepernick Till They Played A ‘Weak’ Falcons D, Shows TONS Of Confidence In Blaine Gabbert

By now, you’ve probably heard that the San Francisco 49ers pulled the plug on quarterback Colin Kaepernick, benching him in favor of backup—and former first-round bust—Blaine Gabbert to start the team’s next game against the Atlanta Falcons.

While the move has shocked plenty of people around the league, especially considering the Niners gave Kaep a monster ass contract extension just 15 months ago, a report was leaked that the team waited to make the switch until this week against the Falcons because they don’t seem to respect their opponents’ defensive ability.

Per a tweet from the Bay Area Sports Guy, Kyle McLorg and pulled from Bleacher Report:


If this is true, the Niners have to go down in history for managing their quarterback situation worse than any team ever, not only all but giving up on Kaepernick, but throwing shade at Gabbert by saying he could only perform well against weaker competition.

With San Fran treating their actual team like a fucking fantasy league, I’m sure karma will catch up with them and the Falcons will blow them out by a good four touchdowns. You’ve got it coming for you, Niners.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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