Poor Philadelphia 76ers Given No Chance By Las Vegas

Well, unless you are the Philadelphia 76ers. Sure, they have a chance, like in the way I could start at center for them tomorrow against the Heat. Maybe I have better odds, because Las Vegas put Philadelphia's chances at 9,999-1 to win it all. 

“It was the highest number our computers would let us put in,” [LVH sports book oddsmaker Jeff]  Sherman said.

That means it could have been worse. That means oddsmakers wanted it to be worse. But the computer was like, there's no way a team can be that shitty. Except the Sixers, who have made it apparent they are tanking this season in the hopes of drafting Andrew Wiggins.

Maybe they will pull a Major League? Maybe? In that case, a $10 bet would win you $100,000. That's a better payout than Miami, who at 2-1 odds to win it all would only get you $20 on the same bet. It's called gambling for a reason.  

[Via ESPN]