Madden 16 ‘Glitch’ Causes 9-Minute Long Fumble And The End Is Almost Perfect

Madden Fumble

EA Sports

I never imagined, in 2015, that I’d sit through a nine minute long clip involving a video game “glitch” but here I am absolutely spellbound by the longest fumble in video game, nay, football history.

This clip ends in the most unsatisfying but perfect way possible **spoiler** but imagine this happening during a casual gameplay. Do you shut it off, thinking it’s a glitch? Do you sit it out and just wait, hoping your team comes up with the ball? I’m assuming you just record the melee and wait for it’s, hopefully, eventual end.

I liked that ending. You couldn’t have one team really come up with the ball.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals and Panthers don’t cross paths this NFL season because this would make for great jumbo screen footage during halftime.

[via The Big Lead]