911 Call Audio Reveals Dwayne Haskins’ Wife Called Police Worried Something Had Happened To Him

911 Call Audio Reveals Dwayne Haskins Wife Kalabyra Called Police

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  • Newly released 911 call audio reveals that Dwayne Haskins’ wife Kalabyra called police worrying about his safety.
  • She said in one of the calls that the quarterback had run out of gas, but had stopped answering her calls.
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As investigators continue to try to sort out exactly what happened on the day Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was killed, newly released 911 call audio helps shed a little light.

On the morning of his death, April 9, Dwayne Haskins’ wife Kalabrya Haskins contacted Broward County, Florida law enforcement from her home in Pittsburgh.

Kalabrya contacted police about 10 minutes after she last spoke with Dwayne on the phone that morning, worried that something may have happened to him because he stopped answering his phone and returning her calls.

Dwayne Haskins’ wife told 911 that he was walking to get gas for his stranded vehicle

Kalabrya told authorities that Haskins had contacted her saying that he was on the side of the road on I-595 in Broward County and was going to walk to get some gas for his vehicle.

“He said he was going to call me back after he finished putting the gas in,” a worried Kalabrya told the dispatch officer, in 911 call audio obtained by Fox Sports radio host Andy Slater.

“I kept calling and kept calling,” she continued. “He wasn’t answering. Eventually, after 10 minutes of calling the phone, eventually it cut off. It’s not working now. I had his location. I just want somebody to go in the area and see if his car is there and if he’s okay and if anything happened to him.”

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After describing where Haskins said he was walking, the officer told Kalabrya, “I don’t want you to panic, but I’m going to be honest with you. We do have an incident on the highway, but I can’t confirm if that’s your husband or not.”

In another 911 call, a clearly distressed witness is heard telling a dispatch officer, “There was a man hit in front of me. I was traveling on the road and I saw a dump truck hit the man.”

Haskins was killed when he was hit by a dump truck while walking down the highway. Local law enforcement reports that the investigation of the tragic incident is currently still ongoing.

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