Aaron & Austin Nola’s Dad Goes Viral For Reaction To Seeing One Son Get A Hit Off The Other In NLCS

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Brothers Austin and Aaron Nola are facing off in the NLCS as the Phillies and Padres battle for a chance to play for a World Series. Aaron got the Game 2 start in San Diego while Austin is the Padres’ starting catcher.

With both brothers in the starting lineup, they were bound to see a few showdowns. It happened twice on Wednesday with both sides getting the better of the other on one occasion.

Aaron got Austin to ground out in the top of the second inning, ending the frame. The catcher got his payback in the fourth, though, striking for an RBI single.

The Nolas’ dad was in attendance, attempting not to pick sides in the matchup. He wore a Padres cap while wearing an Aaron Nola jersey over the top of an Austin Nola jersey. He was conflicted on how to feel after seeing one son drive in a run off the other.

Aaron and Austin Nola’s dad is now going viral for his reaction.

Shortly after Austin smacked a one-out single to right field off of his brother, the cameras panned to their father. He stood emotionless.

There was even a fan who tried to high-five the Nola’s dad, but it garnered no reaction. Not even a smile. Fans had some fun with now viral video the on social media.

The Budweiser Twitter account commented, “He’s just hoping everyone has fun.”

Another person said, “To cheer or not to cheer? That is the question.”

The reaction was great, but he’ll be a winner either way. He’s guaranteed to have a son heading to the World Series.

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