Aaron Boone Just Got Ejected; Hilarious Sound Byte Included

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Example 4,000,000 of how fun it is to hear sports without fans. Aaron Boone is MAD, but not too mad to offer a lovely compliment to the opposing pitcher before telling the ump his opinion. What a nice thing to say! It’s rare to hear such a passionate complainant just seconds before a complete indictment of the umpire’s ability to call the game.

Remember when Kevin Garnett allegedly told Carmelo Anthony that his wife, La La, tasted like honet-nut cheerios? Boy, there’s a game I wish had happened during this time. Can you IMAGINE that sound byte being audible in a crowdless gym? 13-year-old me would have been repeating that insult on the court after every rebound. Those poor religious school kids would never know what had hit them.

Thank God for sports. And modern audio equipment.