Aaron Hernandez Won’t Be Allowed To Watch The Super Bowl

by 4 years ago

Aaron Hernandez

If you’re sitting there wondering to yourself, “hey, I wonder if former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be allowed to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday,” you can stop wondering.

He won’t.

Seems fair.

Instructions for the jury charged with deciding Hernandez’s fate in the murder case of Odin Lloyd, however, will be allowed to check out the Big Game — with one caveat.

According to ESPN’s Michelle Steele, Bristol (Mass.) County Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh said jurors can watch Sunday’s game between the Patriots and Seahawks, but she asked them to step out of the room if Hernandez — the former New England tight end — is mentioned during the telecast of the contest.

Man. I’d go ahead and recommend these guys watch the game at home and not attend a Super Bowl party. They won’t be able to discuss the one thing everyone is going to want to converse about. Plus they’ll have to awkwardly flee the room with a fistful of nachos if NBC’s announcers opt to mention the former player.

Tough situation. Kinda setting yourself up to look like a schmuck.

[H/T: Pro Football Talk]


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