Aaron Judge Hit A Ball So Hard That It Broke Statcast And Nearly Left The Ballpark

Aaron Judge won the 2017 Home Run Derby on July 10 when he belted 47 home runs that spanned the distance of 3.9 miles with his longest going 513 feet and his hardest going 119 mph. Judge had not hit a home run since July 7, which is 10 games without a dinger for the powerful slugger, a real slump for the otherworldy baseball player. It appears that he was saving his strength for this mammoth home run that he catapulted into orbit on Friday night against the Seattle Mariners.

Judge’s latest jaw-dropping rocket came off of Mariners’ starter Andrew Moore in the fifth inning and it was hit so far that it nearly left Safeco Field. Judge’s 31st home run came within three rows of clearing the back wall of the ballpark in left field and measured at 440 feet. Former Mariners hitting coach Alan Cockrell said it was the farthest ball he has seen hit in the park.

It was hit so hard and high that it broke Statcast.

When asked about the monumental blast, Judge said he was “just trying to get the run in.”

There is no truth to the rumor that Kim Jong Un has recruited Aaron Judge as the head of North Korea’s rocket division.