Aaron Rodgers’ Week Is Starting Off In The Most Aaron Rodgers Way Possible

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Aaron Rodgers is currently the most talked about athlete on ESPN. The talking heads cannot and will not stop speculating on where Aaron Rodgers will play next season.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers is living his best life. He won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (net portion) with partner Ben Silverman. While in Pebble Beach, Aaron ignited trade rumors by discussing the Las Vegas Raiders.

After Pebble Beach, instead of flying to Arizona to participate in the Super Bowl week hoopla, Aaron Rodgers opted to be the featured speaker at an Astrology seminar…

Popular astrologist Debra Silverman landed Aaron Rodgers as her featured speaker. And the Packers QB is set to discuss the impact Astrology has had on his life.

The Aaron Rodgers-Astrology Workshop is set to be held at 4pm Eastern on Monday, February 6th. And these are the 5 components of Aaron’s day…

* Discover how Aaron Rodgers has fallen in love with his fate and uses it to have confidence without validation or approval and how you can too,
* See what’s possible for your life when you understand how to use Astrology to navigate your world.
* Learn how to be comfortable — and happy — in your own skin.
* Learn the basics of understanding your birth chart: through the 4 Elements.
* Discover how easy it can be to learn Astrology… no complicated lingo or years of studying required!

Aaron’s Astrology talk will specifically focus on “(falling) in love with his fate” and how Rodgers “uses it to have confidence without validation or approval and how you can too.”

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Interestingly, Debra Silverman who is the host of this Astrology seminar has been circling Aaron Rodgers for years. Three years ago she published videos with Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend, Danica Patrick:

Debra Silverman Astrology has 50.3K subscribers on YouTube. Most of the videos she publishes are daily horoscopes. Here is her latest:

NFL players do some wild things in their downtime. But to see Aaron Rodgers as the featured speaker in an Astrology conference on the first day of Super Bowl week is pretty surreal.

It does appear that the ‘masterclass’ in astrology with Aaron Rodgers is a free event. You can visit her website to learn more, if you’re interested.

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