Aaron Rodgers Trade Buzz Heats Up After Raiders Fans Show Love At Golf Tournament

Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Jed Jacobsohn

Trade rumors have been in full swing since the regular season ended. It sounds like the Las Vegas Raiders could be interested in a deal for Aaron Rodgers.

Trade buzz really picked up over the weekend while Rodgers was golfing at a tournament. Mainly due to his reaction to Raiders fans essentially recruiting him.

Golf on CBS showed a clip of a smiling Aaron Rodgers discussing the trade rumors. Maybe he just enjoys the limelight. However, he doesn’t seem to mind the attention Vegas fans are giving him.

A fan even got a response out of Aaron Rodgers when he told the superstar quarterback “Davante Adams misses you!”

Okay, so fans yelling at Aaron Rodgers probably doesn’t mean much. But Adams has been extremely vocal about his former teammate re-joining him in Las Vegas.

In fact, he liked a tweet not long ago claiming the Raiders are in the works of trading for Rodgers.

All of this feels like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia working on a conspiracy theory. Regardless, the dots might just be connecting for possible Aaron Rodgers trade.