Aaron Rodgers Has One Request For Davante Adams

Aaron Rodgers on the golf course

Getty Image / Orlando Ramirez

The Aaron Rodgers rumor mill has really been churning this week.

There have been reports about a couple of teams getting ready to heavily pursue him.

One of those teams has had a star player reportedly lobbying for them to make a move for Aaron Rodgers and that same player took to Twitter earlier in the week to reveal his desire for Rodgers to join the team.

Yesterday, that player’s name came up while Rodgers was playing a round of golf.

Rodgers was on the course when somebody told him the Davante Adams was looking for a neighbor. Rodgers told the fan to tell Adams to buy him a house.

A lot of Raiders fans are currently pinning their hopes on landing Aaron Rodgers and based on recent reports, so are the Raiders.

They reportedly came into the offseason hoping to land Tom Brady as their starting QB and have shifted their focus to Rodgers now that Brady is retired.

That could actually be a better situation for them. Rodgers appeared to have more left in the tank this past season and could stick around longer. He also already has a connection with the team’s star receiver after playing alongside Davante Adams for 8 years.

They are going to have some competition to try and land Rodgers, though. The Jets are reportedly ready to do whatever it takes to get Rodgers.

That should set Aaron Rodgers up to be at the center of this offseason’s biggest bidding war.

Maybe that will end with him living next door to Davante Adams as part of a reunion of one of the league’s most dynamic duos from the last decade.