Aaron Rodgers Floats Conspiracy Theory That He’s Been Painted As A ‘Villain’ By ‘Big Pharma’

Aaron Rodgers celebrates a Packers win.

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Aaron Rodgers, perhaps more than anything else in the world, loves to hear himself talk.

It’s why he goes on Pat McAfee’s show for 45 minutes every week to share philosophical musings on the nature of existence after being asked about something simple like a coverage scheme on a key third down play or where he intends to play next season.

Take his appearance this week, for example, which saw the 39-year-old ponder that “Big Pharma” sees him as a “villain” and that they’re trying to paint him in a certain “light.”

“If you take the right sound bite from the right thing and it’s a station that may or may not have in the past been brought to you by Pfizer they gotta make sure their villain gets cast in the correct light,” Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show.

“And whether or not they’re sponsored by Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, whatever it might be, when you go up against some of those powers that be, put yourself in the crosshairs, they’re gonna paint you a certain way. And that’s what the media did to me a couple of years ago. That’s fine. That’s their prerogative. That’s what they wanted to do.”

As noted by Sports Illustrated, who took the time to listen to Rodgers opine so they could transcribe his quotes in their entirety, these comments came after he was asked whether he’s decided to play football next season.

It really is a stunning admission from Rodgers, who continues to harp on experiences with ayahuasca and opinions about the vaccine despite the fact that the entire sports world has largely moved on.

Perhaps this is proof that Rodgers will wind up playing for the Jets next season because if there’s one place in the world where a microphone is always in front of your face, it’s here in New York City.

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